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As a church we care about meeting the physical needs of our community in addition to the spiritual needs. Check this page for relevant resources to help you make it through difficult moments and get access to the help you need!

Covid 19 Resources for Children

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Grief Support & Self Care

Dianne Lawson is a dedicated member of Crusade Christian Faith Center. During her journey she has experienced major loss and knows what it is to maintain her faith and her mental health. She has written an inspiring book to help others do the same.

​"The word spirit has multiple meanings.  It may be used when referring to the force within a person that is believed to give the body life; energy and power; The Holy Spirit; the inner quality or nature of a person; an attitude governing one’s actions; conscious and subconscious; alcoholic beverages and more.

​What effort do you put into maintaining your spirit?  Are you in the habit of performing preventative maintenance on yourself?

How did you feel when you first woke up?  If you were able to jump out of bed with ease, did you take time to pray, meditate or just be still for a few minutes to appreciate that you did wake up?  Or were you on the move from the moment your feet touched the floor? . . ."


-Dianne Lawson, Unconditional Love 


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